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The DONIA application allows boaters, divers, fishermen and all sea lovers to exchange information while helping to protect sensitive marine ecosystems in compliance with the law. It offers an enriched cartographic rendering by integrating the nature of the seabed, bathymetry, regulations at sea, satellite images, points of interest, and many specific sites (diving sites, ports, anchorages, underwater photographs, observations of application users).

DONIA – Enjoy & protect the sea, together

DONIA is a community application for navigating and anchoring out of fragile ecosystems that can be downloaded for free on Apple and Android stores. Available on smartphone and tablet, it allows all sea lovers to benefit from accurate nautical charts enriched with multiple information, on land and at sea.

DDONIA works and raises awareness for the preservation of the environment by providing extremely accurate maps of marine ecosystems that allow anchoring outside of seagrass beds, in compliance with the law.

DONIA proposes to live the traditional maritime solidarity by sharing information on the dangers seen at sea (obstacles, accidents, jellyfish, SOS alert, etc.).

DONIA application – Available data and free features

The application offers all users the possibility of consulting their position and that of other users in real time, as well as the cartography of the biocenoses on which the boats are positioned, the isobaths, the particular sites (diving, anchorage and light equipment areas and ports) and also the spots shared by other users.

A messaging area has been set up and the SOS system allows other boaters within a 20 km radius to be alerted.

DONIA also offers access to an atmospheric forecasting model and preferred anchorage areas. These zones are chosen according to the mapping of fragile ecosystems and weather forecasts for greater safety and eco-responsibility.

The application also offers navigation tools (prediction arrow, waypoints and measurement tools, navigation routes) and safety at sea (skid, entanglement and collision alarm pack).

DONIA also integrates AIS (Automatic Identification System) ship data from the AISHUb network.



DONIA Mooring Module – buoy and mooring box reservation in the DONIA application

The DONIA application incorporates the mapping of buoys and mooring boxes in a buoy reservation module called “DONIA Mooring”. It integrates, in real time :

  • The availability calendar of these mooring devices
  • Pricing by vessel class and slot
  • Reservations
  • Secure payment management via mobile phone

DONIA Premium (paying features)

The Premium version of the application gives access to the SHOM (Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine) nautical charts (updated in 2022) as well as nearly 230 high-definition bathymetric charts allowing users to find new sites of interest, plan diving routes, or visualise faults and rocky outcrops. These bathymetric charts are mainly located in the southern region and on the west coast of Corsica. Their exact locations can be seen in the “Instructions for use” tab of the website.

The “DONIA Manager” back office

Accessible only in a paying version, it allows the monitoring of anchoring activity on the coast by analysing positioning data from AIS (Automatic Identification System) sources and the positioning of boats using DONIA.

DONIA Manager gives access to a real time module (real time data on small and large yachts sailing or anchored in a management area) and a historical module (all information concerning large yacht moorings since 2010 with a list of indicators).

Donia Mooring et Premium


DONIA offers an enriched cartographic rendering that will enhance your sea trips! The Premium version, with an annual or monthly subscription, will transform your application into a unique navigation tool.

Create your profile

Join the Donia community and make your sea trips richer in discoveries while contributing to the protection of the marine environment.

Download your navigation areas

Before going to sea, don’t forget to download your navigational maps so that you can continue to benefit from the enriched data even without an internet connection !

Access enriched maps

Donia provides its users with unprecedented information at sea (precise mapping of marine ecosystems, location of rocky areas, diving sites, preferred anchoring points and light equipment area), on land (ports, points of interest, satellite images) or even surface activities thanks to user sharing.

Respectful anchoring

Thanks to the Anchoring function, preserve fragile ecosystems by avoiding anchoring in seagrass beds and coraligenous reefs! Preferential anchoring zones, coupled with the weather, allow you to choose sheltered areas for the next 72 hours.

Exceptional photos

Access georeferenced underwater image galleries created by the photographer Laurent Ballesta allowing you to visualise landscapes and species.

Create your profile and join the community

Before setting sail, download your navigation zone

Navigate with maps enhanced with the nature of the seabed and surface activities

Anchor safely away from fragile ecosystems

Share your observations with the community

Benefit from high-resolution bathymetry

Visualise the position of boats around you with AIS data display

Consult the official charts of the SHOM for more details during your navigations.

Get valuable information about your environment

View SHOM nautical charts

Access data from SHOM, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic service of the Navy, in the French Mediterranean.

Enjoy HD bathymetry

Find new sites of interest, plan your dive routes, visualize faults and rocky pinnacles thanks to high definition bathymetric maps.

Gain security and navigate with powerful tools

Donia provides its Premium users with a skid, entanglement and collision alert pack for greater safety at sea. Record your routes, measure distances and course between navigation points, calculate and display your planned position in real time, access AIS data.

Access an atmospheric forecast model

Donia integrates a French global atmospheric forecast model (every 3h until h+72h). Thanks to data on wind speed and direction, temperature, rainfall and cloud cover, you can plan your routes and organize your next anchorages.

Book a buoy via DONIA Mooring

In addition to the reservation schedule, you will have access to the buoy number, the maximum depth, the nature of the seabed, the size of the vessel allowed etc. The booking fee depends on the time slot, the size of the boat and the season (high/low).


DONIA was created and is managed by Andromède Océanologie with the support of trustfull partners.

Created by the 1964 Water Law (loi sur l’eau), l’Agence de l’eau (the French Water Agency) is a public State institution, under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of sustainable development.

Its mission is to contribute to improving water management, to fight against water pollution and to protect aquatic environments.

Founded in 1977, Naos and its three brands – Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur – claim a unique approach: ecobiology.

Union of skin biology and ecology, ecobiology takes an innovative look at skin care, considering the skin as an ecosystem in constant interaction with its environment.

Founded in 1864, Société Génerale combines financial strength, innovation and a sustainable growth strategy.

Société Générale offers a range of products that allow investors to contribute to the DONIA application.