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DONIA Mooring : a connected and secure mooring system to preserve the Mediterranean seabed

Safeguarding Posidonia meadows is a considerable challenge. These “keystone” ecosystems are the basis of water quality and the economy of our coasts, both from a fisheries and tourism point of view.

DONIA has a new module for booking mooring buoys!

The new version of DONIA now incorporates the location of mooring buoys in a module developed by the DONIA Mooring company. Via the application, it is now possible to access the “Mooring” module and launch a search by entering the size of your boat, the location and the desired booking date. Once you have selected the mooring, all you have to do is choose the desired slots, confirm them and validate the payment. An interactive screen provides access to a button controlling the opening and closing of the mooring ring.

Currently, 10 buoys are available for booking: 4 around the island of Sainte Marguerite opposite Cannes, 3 in the Gulf of Juan near Antibes, and  in the sea at Eze/Beaulieu-sur-Mer. The chosen sites are already heavily impacted by anthropic pressures and 20% of the funds collected will go to the REPIC (REstaurer la Posidonie Impactée par les anCres) program run by Andromède Océanologie.


Présentation du coffre connecté donia mooring à Cannes
Présentation du coffre connecté donia mooring à Cannes
Copyright ©Alexandra Alias/Marine Nationale/Défense

 Adoption of a decree limiting the mooring over 24m

In 2019, the Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean has published a decree strongly limiting the anchoring of vessels over 24m near the coast. It’s for accompany this regulation that the DONIA Mooring company has developed an innovative, communicating safe equipped with a locking system for yachts from 24 to 70 metres to benefit from serene anchorages, close to the coast and without impact on the shallow coastal waters.

The anchoring of the mooring to the bottom is done by means of a steel frame fixed by 8 subterranean rocker anchors. The moorings are designed for anchoring in good weather. They are designed to withstand loads of 10 tonnes, i.e. the tension exerted by a 70m yacht in a 50km/h wind.

Developing more environmentally friendly yachting

The number of pleasure boaters has now reached 13 million and the number of pleasure boat registrations is increasing by approximately 12,000 units per year. On the coast, nearly 473 port facilities are designed to accommodate pleasure craft.
 The implementation of alternatives and in particular of mooring boxes is essential to preserve the attractiveness of France as a destination and not to “export” the impact of mooring to countries with more lax regulations.

13 buoys are now operational in Cannes, Antibes and Beaulieu-Sur-Mer.

  • Buoy n°1 located North-West of the island of Sainte-Marguerite, the largest of the Lérins islands, under the Fort Royal
  • Buoy n°2 located South-West of the island of Sainte Marguerite, facing the cove of the Pointe du Dragon
  • Buoy n°3 located North-East of the island of Sainte-Marguerite, facing the Pointe du Vengeur
  • Buoy n°4 located South-East of the island of Saint Marguerite near the Pierres-Hautes beach and the Pointe Carbonel
  • Buoys n°5, n°6 and n°7 are located in the Golfe Juan
  • Buoys n°8, n°9, n°10 are located in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, below the village of Eze



Présentation du coffre connecté donia mooring à Cannes
Présentation du coffre connecté donia mooring à Cannes

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